Improve health of staff with Emmett Therapy throughout March

Therapist Lynni Newsome of Top2toe therapy has teamed up with The LCYCT Emmett muscle release to Huddersfield companies for their staff during March.

Emmett resets the muscle, taking out protection, repetitive strain, stress and tension. Emmett is far less intrusive than other forms of physical therapy; it can be done fully clothed, no oils are used, it can be administered at a desk or in private with no fuss. A treatment can take just 10/15 minutes.

To complement our #CheckYourselfTuesday campaign, Lynni would like to offer Emmett treatment to local companies every Tuesday in March. The treatment can be offered to all staff and a pre-treatment consultation form can be circulated before the day of the treatments to ensure as little disruption to the working day. Lynni is offering a Treatment for £10 per employee and ask the business to match fund £10. Giving £20 per person to the trust. This money will pay for the mirrors in the Paxman cooling cap bags given to every young person receiving the cooling treatment in partnership with LCYCT.

Lynni has worked on members of the LCYCT team as well as attendees at one of the charity’s recent events and the response has been fantastic. Lynni is confident she will make a massive difference to work teams and help them to stay in work and reduce sickness leave and costs to your business.

Please contact Lynni Newsome if this would be of interest to you and your company and help spread the word.

Tel: 07815064796