Captain Tom 100

We are taking part in the Captain Tom 100 to mark the special man’s birthday and celebrate the joy and comfort Captain Sir Tom brought to millions and his message that, whatever your cause, there is hope. We want you to join us!

Charities like ours are coming together over Captain Sir Tom’s birthday weekend (30 April – 3 May) to spread that hope for others and raise funds for our important work.

We are asking you along with friends, family or colleagues to walk 100 miles together over the Bank Holiday weekend. Get together in a group of six and walk 16.6 miles over the weekend (totalling 100 miles). The walk would take between 4-6 hours to walk (depending on pace) and there are plenty of great walks to choose from, for example the Brighouse Boundary Walk is 18 miles in total.

You can set up your own Virgin Giving Page here and select The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust to support -

There are other ways you can take part…

Our favourite idea (and one for those whose feet are made for dancing!) came from our Ambassador (and dancing queen) Sinead Sopala, for a 100-minute Silent Disco!

Whether you choose a garden disco with a few friends or kitchen disco with family, get involved and share your disco films!

Plus the lovely people at Social Progress have offered to pull the films together and add some music (but won’t tell us just what yet) and create a great memory for Captain Tom’s birthday weekend -

We can all do our bit to follow in Captain Sir Tom’s footsteps and step up to help those who need it most.