70% of people regularly give to charity, but only 4% leave something to charity in their will.
If you are reading this, you obviously already care about the work of the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust and perhaps already support the fight against cancer in young people. But how many of you have considered making a gift to the charity in your will to help to ensure that its vital work can continue after your death?

Making a will is not just for the wealthy - it is just as much about the small, but precious things in life. It need not be money that you leave - you could bequeath a piece of jewellery, property or land, all of which could yield valuable funds for your favourite charity. Nor is making a will only relevant to older people. People of all ages are advised to formalise their wishes by making a will. In the absence of a will, the law decides how your estate is distributed on your death and those whom you may wish to benefit may be left with nothing.

When deciding who to provide for within your will, you may very well wish to consider your family first, but after they have been provided for, you might consider extending the support you have given to the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust in your lifetime, to help ensure its fight continues after your death. If your legacy could help just one young person with cancer, it would be a legacy worth leaving.

You may wish to keep any legacy you make in strict confidence, but if you wish to complete a pledge form we would be pleased to hear of your support. To pledge a legacy, please download our printable form here to post to us.

The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust, PO Box 437, Huddersfield HD1 9QH