My Three Lives-Before With and After Cancer

When you hear about amputees you normally think of service people or the elderly… not me… I was your average teenager who unexpectedly aged 16 developed osteosarcoma which unavoidably lead to my right leg to be amputated above the knee to save my life.

I am now 20 and trying to adapt to a new life. Not only have I had to adapt to life and come to terms with my horrific cancer journey but also as my new life as an amputee.

This was never the life that I expected or dreamt of as a child. I feel as though I have started a new life since I finished my cancer treatment. So far in my life even though I'm only 20 I feel as though I have lived 3 lives. My life before cancer which I now look back on as the perfect life, my life with cancer and my life now after cancer.

What average teenager has to learn to walk again at 17?

As a teenager at college you should be out with your friends and having a great time. Instead I was stricken with the news that would change my life forever.

I will in my next few blogs be sharing with you different life experiences that not your average 20 year old would be going through. For example fittings for my new prosthetic leg.