Huddersfield Monopoly Success

We were absolutely thrilled to have been selected to be included in the Huddersfield edition of the iconic Monopoly board game last year.

The board game was unveiled at an event at the John Smith’s Stadium in October and the charity was invited along to share the launch with other Huddersfield organisations that were included.

The charity was surprised and delighted to sell 500 board games! Many of these sales thanks to the promotion from one of Huddersfield’s most famous celebrities, Felix the Station Cat. Felix was recently awarded the title of International Sales Ambassador and she was extremely relaxed (some might say asleep) when Pam and Helen visited to bestow the award and a few treats.

Laura's charity features on a Community Chest card, which reads “You receive the “Laura’s Star Award” from The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust for supporting young cancer patients. Congratulations, collect 100”

Winning Moves UK, makers of this edition under official license from Monopoly owners Hasbro, extended their congratulations to the charity;

"Congratulations to Laura Crane they ran the most imaginative and creative campaign on social media - and many thanks to everyone who voted," says Afolabi Omotola from Winning Moves UK, producers of the board under official license from Hasbro.

It is with heartfelt thanks that we say to all those that voted for The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust and to all those that have supported the fight against cancer in young people by purchasing their Huddersfield Monopoly board through the charity.