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Brain tumours

Most likely to affect: The brain's supporting cells & the cerebellum (back part of the brain)

Symptoms: Headaches, feeling sick, drowsiness and fits

Causes: Unknown

Tests: CT & MRI scans and biopsies

Treatment: Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy & steroids

There are a few different types of brain tumour, the more common ones in young people being astrocytomas and ependymomas, which both start in the supportive tissue of the brain. The most common symptoms are headaches, feeling sick, drowsy and fits. The symptoms experienced depend on where tumour is in the brain. The cause is unknown. The tests that are done to diagnose it are CT & MRI scans & biopsies. Brain tumours are treated with surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and steroids and depending on the type, and where it is, a combination of these treatments may be given.